Kami nAPO muna (Tribute to APO Hiking Society)

August 23, 2006 at 9:18 am (music)


The long wait is over. The most celebrated composers/singers of older generation are back, not with a new album, but with an album giving tribute to Jim Paredes, Buboy Garovillo & Danny Javier. With the album launch last night, and the album turning gold after 1 week… I’ll make my own review.


The former Freestyle frontman is back, after his hit single “Sabihin Mo Na”. I personally feel that he was just included in this tribute because he is in the Universal family. Nyoy Volante would’ve even be a better fit, anyways… Nothing unusual about this one, except that this song is one of the most popular and affectionate song the trio had made.


One of the groups that have been much alike the APO, they have been here for quite sometime now, and they never lose their spark. With Buddy Zabala in fold, there is no stopping this group. Fresh from their acclaimed indie film “Tulad Ng Dati”, they seriously rock here. As usual, Francis Reyes’ riffs are awesome, so as the hard-hitting JB Leonor. They really made this children song very rock-ish!


This Teddy Corpuz’s band has really come into waves recently, there are no magic on this track, no exemplary vocal performance and the band just simply knows how to play.They got a song from APO that depicts teenage problems and they really felt what the song is all about. It’s good that they are singing an APO song.


A different rendition of a song sung by various artists, Garvy V. is one. At first, you think it’s bossa, next will be reggae, disco… then a total different genre. This track is one of the downside of this album, really got confused listening to this one, eventhough it is one of my favorite APO songs.


Headed by million-dollar vocalist Marc Tupaz, this group who sang the main theme from “Capt. Barbell”, did not deviate from their music from this one, they showed how “safe” they play their music. No extraordinary guitar riffs, no vocal display given to this APO heart-warming song.


This former Mojofly lead really knows how to rock, baby. Remember, how she sang “Ligaya” from the E-Heads tribute? this song is not too different from that. She was enjoying the song, singing gleefully as if she was with me. Hahaha! Dream on!


I really feel <S>andwich needs a frontman other than Raims. Don’t get me wrong here, <S> lovers. It really feels awesome to hear him sing a song or two, or doing back-ups. But maybe I was just used to hearing this band with rocker vocals from Marc Abaya. Oh, well… Rivermaya did it, when Bamboo left, and Rico Blanco took his spot, and they were phenomenal after. Maybe it’s on my part, but I’ll stick with that.


I’m a big Sugarfree fan, influenced by my older brother. Gone are days when they are tagged as E-heads wannabes. They have managed to transform into their own brand of music. With the departure of drummer Mitch Singson, and newcomer Kaka Quisumbing, this will be a huge test for these guys, on how they will maintain Sugarfree music. But with this single… I say, they pass with flying colors!


Majority of albums nowadays have fillers, and this tribute album is no exception. With a song done by a new band, this will be a text run for the band.


Another filler. The song suits the band. Hmmm… need more explaining? You’ll get sleepy when you start listening to it. Try it. Zzzzz…


Not a big Barbie fan, both doll and artist. But I really love this original. Unfortunately, it surprised me, it was fast paced on a different level. I was looking for the arrow that will hit me bull’s eye. Too bad, I expected too much.


What is the diffference between Sponge Cola’s rendition of “Pare Ko” and this one? Nothing. They ruined both. Here is a great band doing their own songs, not covering it. Try sticking to your own songs.


I’ll try not to biased because PnE is my most favorite band. Yes, I admit, they are not the best musicians around. But they manage to stay around. Maybe they have passed their wackiness to Kamikazee but they still display light and simple lyrics that we Filipinos love and endear. Back to the song, it was tailor made for them. The easiness and good vibes of singing in the rain with them is what you can feel. A very nice rain song.


The band of the hour. Performance and entertainment personified. Followers of Kamikazee won’t be appalled by Jay’s live act. They have been like this all along. They gave Dubi do a different meaning. One has to wonder, did APO really intend to do it that way? Check out the video too.


The most surprising and refreshing song in the album. A very, very cool intro. The voice of Aia will linger in your ears., so soothing. Imago is due for recognition. I’ll bet on that.


A virtual unknown band years ago, but lady luck suddenlt changed when they jumped into the commercial wagon. Their cheerful rendition of a friendship driven song will definitely make their stocks higher.


See Itchyworms. Song composed by APO sang by OnL, or is it the other way around? Just don’t like the video of this. Clem, McCoy & Co. are still trying to be Beatle-esque, but way, way far from it. Change the ‘do and wardrobe, guys!


How can I forget this track, thanx Ryan! The comebacking group from UST. A refreshed sound that we all have been missing, not in a MYMP kind of way. Looks like Maychelle Baay is in for another round of rock ‘n roll and this time sweeter. And singing a song many artists have covered wouldn’t hurt this band.


Another song I missed, thanks again Ryan. A song most guys are singing nowadays. Hmmm… does it hurt? You can’t seem to understand what is that something that strikes whenever you hear this song. Its in the message, but in a cheerful kind of way. Isla Era have somewhat restored the feeling of loving someone who has loved someone else. Well, that is love!




  1. spitsmaster said,

    Spitsmaster’s over-all rating: Ibibili ni ztrain. \m/

  2. spitsmaster said,

    ibibili ako ni zedd!

  3. sarcasticfridaays said,

    Are y0u insulting driP? That sucks.. I guess y0ur deaf. 😐

  4. ithinkuranidiot said,

    dude…better open your ears…just goes to show how much you really know about music…and just an fyi, it was mitch who hit the skins for sfree when they recorded batang-bata ka pa…not to take anything away from kaka because i know for a fact that he kicks ass…and i also do know for a fact that you’re a dumb ass, dumb ass….

  5. ztrain said,

    ^ * ^^ thanks for the trouble reading this. Well, I guess… I appreciate your comments. Just as I said… MY OWN review. Name-calling, bring it on! have a good weekend guys! It’s music, our soul. I know where you’re coming from.

  6. chelsea said,

    my personal fave would be “paano” of course and walang kamatayang “when i met you..” but id still prefer the APO version of the latter.. it sounds so sincere and solemn kasi eh.. ewan ko lang.. ors its probly juz me..

  7. dizz said,

    you don’t know how to critic.. poor you

  8. lichdenstein said,

    umm.. really cool review.. it helped me a lot thanks!!

  9. butterfly 011006 said,

    worth listening too,especially if u had d limited edition (2 cd) original version and the new 1,it comes in black cover.

  10. HerO said,

    Hi!!! apo hiking??..+OPM bands renditiion= to cOoL,rOck and the best…….. peace

  11. suezky said,

    well, its nice , grabe galing, hope more songs to be played also by others abnd…

  12. ryan said,

    where’s moonstar 8 song on the list??

  13. ryan said,

    the album has 19 song, 17 songs only at the list.. Isla Era and Moonstar 88 in not on the list. Moonstar 88 = Panalangin , Isla Era = Mahirap Magmahal ng Syota ng iba..

  14. lenlen said,

    ei..wAzzuP..gRabEh mEon
    nAnAmAn bAgO kAntA kAmikAzee…
    hAnEp bAgOnG hiT nAnAmAn
    bA iTo????

  15. Hell No! said,

    Some good reviews, but hitting Sponge Cola? I mean saying they ruined ‘Pare Ko’ and ‘Nakapagtataka’, not so good. I loved both of those songs and the way the style they put them in! I know it is your review, but ruining it goes overboard.

    This is a great album and I recommend it to all Filos young and old!

  16. marc ryan said,

    i like the album kahit nung una pang nirevive ng parokya and pumapatak sa old album nila i liked it na tlaga… and i was surprised when i heard from someone that the album has been released kaya i buy agad and surprisingly all the bands are great lalo na ung batang-bata, doo bidoo, kabilugan ng buwan at paano maganda tlga ang kanta at lyrics nila… simplt the best

  17. akosileekulet said,

    wow… APO Hiking Society music… tapus marininig mo sa mga bands ngayon… galeng talaga… kahit mejo matanda na ang APO at 1990 na ako pinanganak… astig pa din sila… πŸ˜€ sa bagay… wala naman ang album na ito kung di sila astig eh… wakokokok πŸ˜€ sarap pakinggan

  18. veshua said,


  19. fil said,

    its an ok review. i disagree with the dissing of both Drip and Boldstar. i must say their covers we’re pretty good. i must agree though with the bashing of Spongecola! i agree with the fact that they actually ruined both Pare ko and Nakapagtataka! something with yael’s voice that irritates me. my fave APO song is Ewan, and somehow, i didn’t like Imago’s cover.. love their version of Spoliarium though! hehe. IMO, the standouts in this album are the songs by OnL, Kamikazee, Itchyworms, Barbie, Drip, Boldstar, and Moonstar 88. peace out! πŸ™‚

  20. kabanda said,

    i really love all thje remake each band made.. this one rocks… just like ultraelectromagneticjam…………….hehehe

  21. jcsconsunji said,

    Pumapatak ang Ulan by Parokya ni Edgar sounds really nice. They sound just like the APO Hiking Society. hahaha thanks πŸ™‚

  22. dylhan said,

    wow!sawk tlga ang various artist version ng APO…galing ng format…keep it up pinoy artist!keep on rockin!…

  23. ben said,

    gnda ng mga songs nla! sulit ung CD wag n kyo bmili ng pirated!

  24. TJ said,

    dami nyo daldal basta APO….. sakTO yan… pinoy b kayo o dehinds?

  25. black_blooded said,

    nice jam mga pre… 2loy lng ang saya… para sa awit ng barkada…

  26. lhorbey said,


  27. hyprmanic said,

    damn good album. i’m not exactly a big fan of most of the bands in the album, but i’m beginning to rethink my stand… ehehehe! pretty impressed with kamikazee, itchyworms, and moonstar88 this time around — they rocked :o)

    i don’t agree with the review about Sound though. I’ve been a big fan since they came up with BossaManila, and they’ve always tried to experiment with different styles with every performance they’ve made. They not exactly the type to sit on their laurels once they’ve come up with something that clicks with an audience… they still try to innovate. i liked what they did with “Di Na Natuto” — it was whimsical and frenzied… not sad, but somehow smothered by thoughts of love (medyo ganun naman talaga pag in-love ka, tapos medyo malabo sitwasyon… hehehehe!).

    Cool stuff!

  28. michiko said,

    this tribute to APO is really a great hit… makikita mo talaga difference ng style of music noon at ngayon… pero sa lahat ng nag-isip nitong revival na ito… GOOD WORK!!!

  29. benmar said,

    ganda ng cd, di kayo magsisisi. dapat yung double para may comparison.

  30. atenista_07 said,

    i would just like to comment about the “ruined” thing about spongecola…i don’t think they ruined the song both pare ko and nakapagtataka…it is indeed a nice rendition…but by the way the album is really good… it’s just that criticisms should be more reasonable….

  31. Red said,

    Dude your a freak di ka marunong makinig, lahat yan maganda ikaw lang ang panget!!!!

  32. MaNgCeLso said,

    well, ayos na sana ung reivew mo eh, kaso, mukang d ka pa rin ganun kagaling kumilatis ng magaling na artist kasi maraming tao naman ang nagagandahan sa mga rendition ng sponge cola ng o pare ko saka nakapagtataka. Nakapagtataka naman at sinabi mong binaboy ng sponge ang kanta ng apo. yuck for you stupid critic. you have no right to talk about sponge cola that way.

  33. mc jason i st. joseph said,

    ang ganda ganda ng version ng orange and laemons e… wag nyong aawayin idoll ko mamatay na ung nagsabi di maganda ver. nila

  34. lia said,

    ruined?! what is the difference between your face and the word “ruined”?



  35. ztrain said,

    ^wow… i loved your comment. it is by far the best commend ever. nah… nevermind!

  36. r0ck3r_chiq_ara said,

    astigin t0ng album na t0h!!.. i lahbb3ttt!.. lurve d orig s0ngs of AP0 HiKiNG SOCi3TY.. d3y r on3 of d b3st bands f0rmed! astig! astigin dn ung mga digitally nagremaster ng songs ng apo hiking society!.. bsta rawk 0n!! \m/

  37. cha said,

    maganda naman version ng spongecola ha….! ha?! ha?!
    but anyway…. kanya kanya lang yan……….
    ….rock on!……….

  38. arjay_punky of roxas said,

    Ang lupet tlaga ng APO…Khit makaluma sa tinin ng iba…PATOK PATOK pa rin nung inilabas ulit… Sana meron din ang Bamboo!!!..LUPET NG PAROKYA AT KAMIKAZEE>>
    …cge n nga…Pati na din sa IBANG BANDA….hahahahah….PEACE TAU men!!!!

  39. screamo said,

    musikero ka ba? if not, i won’t wonder why you don’t know good music when you hear one

  40. jenny rose said,

    Amazing! I’ve kinda admit I don’t like oldie song that much, but when I’ve heard the revivals. It was great! I like all of it.. as of this moment I kept singing the PAAno by shamrock. Last week, it was Nakapagtataka.

  41. ArRiS MiSoLa said,

    ganda talaga ng apo ckat na talaga kahit d2 sa amin alam na alam yan mga kanta yan lalo na yung (awit ng barkada)….good luck 2 apo

  42. KING POLITE said,

    hey it looks lyk u hve to review urself b4 u review others………well honestly u suck on this thing i’m disgusted and annoyed the way u review the album specially the ANNA track sung by Top mas ok na po sya rather than nyoy but i didnt say na d ok c nyoy but Top fits it……well pansin ko lang hanap lang po u ng pansin……..well be happy kc po napansin ka……god bless……

  43. lllllllllllllll said,


  44. andy said,

    lakas πŸ™‚ ang maga music πŸ™‚ hehehheheheh πŸ™‚ hanip tlga πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ cute ang panalangin at pag ibig:)

  45. katleya said,

    hi…i rily love when i met u by barbie almalbis coz d’ song is very nice

  46. katleya said,

    i love the song when i met you by barbie almalbis

  47. ana said,

    gaLing ng kamikazee…
    pero gusto ko pa rin ang awit ng barkada song…
    ganda ng Lyrics and message ng song…

  48. marcus said,

    kung apo maganda yan kaso mga bandang pilipino n nandya mga lang kwenta di sila tulad ng dati mga kumakanta ng mga napaka pangit at bakyang kanta… sna nman nxt time magkaron n ng originality ang mga bandang pilipino ung unahin ung music hindi ung kanta ng bakyapara sumikat at magkapera

  49. Gvader said,

    astig din sana kaso revive lang eh basta astig talaga ang album na to

  50. the Pinoy - Philippine News and Information » Blog Archive » APO album in iTunes said,

    […] Aha, look what popped up in iTunes suddenly – the tribute album Kami nAPO muna! When we heard about this album some months ago, iTunes was the first place we went looking for it. Sadly it was nowhere to be found except for some dark alleys in the nether regions of the net. Now’s the opportunity to redeem your souls, yes we’re talking about ye all download junkies. And someone please email the iTunes folks and kindly ask them to take out that ‘Wedding Tracks’ title on this album’s iTunes page. Thanks. Buy away. (Sorry, those in the islands are still not eligible to buy from iTunes.) Booh iTunes. Here’s a blogger’s short review of the songs included. These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

  51. Nandy A said,

    I’m a big Fan of APO ever since. This New album Kami NAPO Muna tribute to Apo Hiking Society (Jim Paredes, Buboy Garovillo & Danny Javier) is a Phenominal. First of all I want to give a “SHOUT” to this great Bands and Artists of a New Generations they are all “GREAT” ANNA – TOP SUZARA, BAWAT BATA – THE DAWN, BLUE JEANS – ROCKSTEDDY, DI NA NATUTO – SOUND, PAANO – SHAMROCK, PAG-IBIG – KITCHIE NADAL, BAKIT ANG BABAE – ANDWICH, BATANG-BATA KA PA – SUGARFREE, KABILUGAN NG BUWAN – DRIP, KUMOT AT UNAN – BOLDSTAR,

  52. Agent 007 said,

    wonderful songs for all times!
    kudos APO!!!

  53. ivan ruel abadiez said,

    i rily love the album… i couldnt bliv how good all the singers/bands revising songs from before…(lol) with their songs and performance, esp the doo bidoo of kamikazee..
    thats why now, im still working getting tabs and chords with all these songs…

    and i just hope that i cud get some of those songs from the band… AMBISYOSO!!!

  54. caveman said,

    what great way to call them fillers. do you have ears? if you’re so good in doing that, then let me hear you play the songs they’ve covered. as if you can play noh? but i have to agree on spongecola!!!:))

  55. epal ka e**R said,

    grabe bobo ka ba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. jeanne the martian said,

    lufeeetttt !!!!!

  57. 'pungent said,

    impressed ako sa NAKAPAGTATAKA by spongecola kasi nakakarelate ako kanta

  58. joel said,

    please send me a copy of tablature of bakit ang babae, by the sandwich,just send to my email address. kwikjo23@yahoo.com

  59. R.A. said,

    please send me me a copy of tablature of kabilugan ng buwan kay gandang pakinggan

    hayyyyy ! ! !

    buti n lng at nagkaroon nito grabe tanda ko p noong elementary sinayaw namin ang mahirap magmahal ng syota ng iba ows! kakahiya pero ngayon wow grabe sa ganda na kung sino man ang nakaisip nito more power to you and mabuhay k!

    kailangan magkaroon k ng award dyan

    saludo ako syo

    I really love the album .. . . . . . !

    sana another tribute sa mga unang tunog kalye like the dawn, wolfgang, teeth, youth at marami pang iba

  60. Champboy said,

    i salute all for reviving all the legendary songs of APO HIKING SOCIETY…

  61. Champboy said,

    to those who do not appreciate and do not know the music of APO HIKING SOCIETY, they dont have heart……..hehehehehehehe

  62. nhyo said,


  63. nhyo said,

    doo bidoo bidoo, bidoo bidoo, doo bidoo bidoo bidoo ahhhhhh!!!!!

    mahirap gumawa ng kantang makata makulay na tugtugin at pananalita, at kapunapuna na parang dambuhala mga boses na nagpapababa….ewannnnn…..

    habang tayo’y magkayakap sa dilim

  64. Sound: Blue Monsoon » Noisy, Noisy Man | Your daily dose of retard said,

    […] Sound is probably one of the most talented bands on this side of the planet (heck, make that on the planet, period) and I’ve been a big fan of them since they released their first album, bossaManila. Ok, ok, maybe some of you (Steel) are complaining that bossa nova is the music of the gay, but I assure you that Sound is anything but gay. Throw out your misconceptions of jazz being ambient music for porn. They’re this one awesome jazz band that’ll blow your mind away. Ok, most of you first encountered Sound on the overhyped and underwhelming album Kami nAPO Muna. And most people didn’t like their contribution to the album, Di Na Natuto, you know, that little-noticed and unfortunately much maligned track that I so love. No problem. I understand that they may be a little too over people’s heads. And some people just can’t listen to jazz. Case in point: my girlfriend didn’t appreciate it. […]

  65. ade said,

    “What is the diffference between Sponge Cola’s rendition of β€œPare Ko” and this one? Nothing. They ruined both. ”

    Hahahaha! How true! πŸ™‚

  66. patrick said,

    wolfgang d best

  67. patrick said,


  68. clover said,

    grabe ganda nakapagtataka!!! gwapo ni yael sa video

  69. charmilou said,

    this album is the best!! Kabilugan ng Buwan by Drip was the best of all the songs!

  70. Sound: Blue Monsoon said,

    […] like their contribution to the album, Di Na Natuto, you know, that little-noticed and unfortunately much maligned track that I so love. No problem. I understand that they may be a little too over […]

  71. nove said,

    nice xa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  72. ellimac said,

    yeah wolfang! wolfgang wolfgang wolfgang!

  73. alvin enaje said,

    kailan lalabas ang kami napo muna vol. 2 nito, kasi naadik ako sa unang album nito.

  74. xXx said,

    i don’t agree na filler ang boldstar at yung kanta ng sound na di na natuto! it;’s one of the tracks na super tino!!!! kse they never sticked on copying the old version, it was thier original rendition, i am telling you kung wala kang alam sa genre and stuff. dont make this foolish kind of review!!! this is the worst review of the album. and i am really waiting for the second volume to come out!!!

  75. Alvin Enaje said,

    Heto Ang Mga Kantang Aabangan Nyong Lahat
    Kami nAPO Ulit Muna ( Tribute to APO Hiking Society )

    Artist Songs
    1. Kamikazee Feat. Parokya Ni Edgar American Junk
    2. Silent Sanctuary Tuyo Na Nang Damdamin
    3. Itchiworms Prinsesa
    4. Imago Show Me A Smile
    5. Bloomfields Love Is For Singing
    6. Up Dharma Down Kaibigan
    7. Dicta Liscence Tuloy Ang Ikot Ng Mundo
    8. Hilera Mahirap Magmahal Ng Syota Ng Iba
    9. Spongecola Saan Ng Nga Ba Ang Barkada
    10. True Faith Wala Nang Hahanapin Pa
    11. Shamrock Just A Smile Away
    12. Radio Active Sago Project Syotang Pa Class
    13. Mcoy Feat. Spaceflower Show Salawikain
    14. Jay R. Feat. Scrambled Eggs Suntok Sa Buwan
    15. APO All Star Lumang Tugtugin

  76. Michael Dell said,

    Uhh dude you forgot this other band

    Concrete Sam – Heto Na

  77. battousai said,

    Various Artists – Kami nAPO Muna Ulit 2007

    Track Listing

    1. American Junk – Kamikazee vs. Parokya Ni Edgar
    2. Salawikain – McOy of Orange & Lemons feat. The Spaceflower Show
    3. Princesa – Itchyworms
    4. Saan Na Nga Ba’ng Barkada – Sponge Cola
    5. Tuyo Na’ng Damdamin – Silent Sanctuary
    6. Wala Nang Hahanapin Pa – True Faith
    7. Mahirap Magmahal Ng Syota Ng Iba – Hilera
    8. Love Is For Nothing – The Bloomfileds
    9. Syotang Pa-class – Radioactive Sago Project feat. Raimund Marasigan
    10. Kaibigan – Up Dharma Down
    11. Show Me A Smile – Imago
    12. Isang Dangkal – Paramita
    13. Heto Na – Concrete Sam
    14. Tuloy Ang Ikot Ng Mundo – Dicta License
    15. Hanggang May Pag-ibig – Chillitees
    16. Just A Smile Away – Shamrock
    17. Suntok Sa Buwan – Scrambled Eggs
    18. Lumang Tugtugin – APO All Star


  78. felipe said,

    ang bobo ng nagsulat nito. sa manunulat nito:
    unang-una, wrong grammar ka tsong (‘di ko na ipu-point out, baka ma-hurt pa feelings mo). pangalawang-pangalawa, wala kang alam sa musika — wow, “great” sa ‘yo ang spongecola at pangit ang kabilugan ng buwan! at pangatlong-pangatlo, wala na pala.

  79. zet said,

    astig ang tuyo na’ng damdamin by silent sanctuary ang ganda

  80. ringo said,

    sino may alam saan makakadownload ng version ni Nyoy Volante ng “Anna”?please email me.or send me the link.or kung sobrang bait niyo,yung song na mismo.thanks guys!love this album!

    dito niyo send: linaresgregg@gmail.com.

  81. ERNINSON said,


  82. jose antonio said,

    puke nyo lawlaw!!!!!!!!

  83. H.D. Junkie said,

    I heard there was an old issue with Doo Bidoo (the original version), because of the other meaning it relayed to people; I’m just not sure what the APO Hiking Society said about it.

  84. MikyoZbs8 said,

    Such a pleasant blog post! I’m so delighted you thought to share it.

  85. Apo Hiking Society – 10 Years Together/Apo Hiking Society (1980) « beatcontemplation said,

    […] know you’ve influenced a large fan base when tribute albums are made to honor your music.Β  Not that it was necessary.Β  The sheer scope and timelessness of the Apo Hiking Soceity’s […]

  86. LAS said,

    Thanks for this ^_^

  87. Keiothic said,

    di naman mahalaga kung bago ka lang sa music eh . πŸ™‚ mahalaga makapag-contribute ka ng magandang kanta .. wag kasing sunod sa uso lang . hehe ! kahit di maganda yung kanta basta sikat ang kumanta download agad . haha ! anyway .. thank you for this .

  88. dfgsdfag said,

    mga walanghiya kayo

  89. Cherie said,

    You must spent a lot of time writing content on your site, you can save a lot
    of time, just type in gogle:
    treoughan’s rewriter

  90. Sound: Blue Monsoon said,

    […] like their contribution to the album, Di Na Natuto, you know, that little-noticed and unfortunately much maligned track that I so love. No problem. I understand that they may be a little too over […]

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