Today is Thor’s Day!

August 17, 2006 at 11:18 am (diyornal)

Today is the day of the Norse God of thunder… nothing new…. sabi nga ni myk(spitsmaster) SSDD. “Same Sh*t, Different Day”. Nothing unusal happened, oh by the way, last night was the first time this week that I slept early. There were no good stuff to watch on TV, and too late to watch a movie. NCAA basketball on Ch.26 has San Beda Red Lions playing against UPHR, but unfortunately, the man I want to watch… Sam Ekwe, isn’t playing… so I decided to sleep early.

I was left alone in the morning, all my housemates were off to work. I was really timid to go to office, but hell… one day of absence is a waste. And besides, there is no one to share my emergency leave with. That is why I’m here… contemplating on writing my journal short today, and I still want to catch FEU’s game tonight at 10pm. They are trying to win four straight and out of the cellar, to once again reach the Final Four. Unfortunately, they are really hard pressed to win the UAAP championship this season. But hey, they are still fighting, they won’t be called TAMARAWS for nothing. Time to park my pen… (nge! parang love letter) Until next time…

P.S. there should have been another post today, but I don’t know where it went. Grrrr)


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  1. spitsmaster said,

    Apir dude! SSDD! hehe! \m/

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